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Cars, motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, motorhomes... MAIF finances and protects all moving vehicles, not to mention passengers or objects on board. We also offer solutions designed to guarantee that you will be kept moving, under all circumstances.

For example

At MAIF, even with third party insurance, you benefit from extended cover :

  • Home and roadside assistance in the event of an accident or a theft
  • entry-level compensation in the event of injury, for both you and your family
  • lend your vehicle to others without any formalities
  • travel assistance services
  • home help if injuries result in disability
  • compensation for damages caused by natural or technological disasters, terrorist attacks or adverse weather conditions

VAM Initiale :
A third party insurance with all standard guarantees : third party liability and legal expenses. Plus the addition of useful extended guarantees*, including a roadside assistance in the event of an accident or a theft, even at home plus also in the event of a breakdown that occurs over 50 kilometers away.


VAM Essentiel :
This is a third-party “Plus” insurance cover that includes, to better protect your car, in addition to Initiale guarantees: theft, fire, and broken windows.


VAM Difference :
A fully comprehensive insurance cover with a choice of three levels of excess to better suit your budget. MAIF reimburses the purchase price of your vehicle for up to six months, when it cannot be repaired after an accident or it has been stolen and not found again.


VAM Plenitude :
A top-of-the-range fully comprehensive insurance that includes great services: home and roadside assistance with long-term replacement vehicle, reimbursement of your vehicle at cost until it is four years old, glazed components replaced with no excess (choose from four levels of excess for other damage).

  • Home and roadside assistance when your vehicle is immobilized by a breakdown
  • Home and roadside assistance with replacement of your vehicle in the event of an accident, a theft or a breakdown
  • Insurance for on-board items with two maximum compensation limits to choose from : € 1,750 or € 5,000
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If you have a road traffic accident, your Vam policy contract provides you with entry-level cover. The Pacs policy contract offers higher financial guarantees and greater cover for people. Both drivers and passengers can benefit from numerous support services to manage unforeseen personal, physical and organisational difficulties resulting from a road accident.

With the MAIF, buy and sell your vehicle simply, at negotiated price and in complete safety.

The purchase of a vehicle is an important investment. MAIF credit solutions adapt to your needs and help you move forward.
A credit is a commitment and must get reimbursed. Check your reimbursement capacities before committing. Credits are subject to approval from the lending institution Socram Banque.

To reduce your motoring costs, to make parking easier, to reduce your CO2 emissions... With MAIF’s partner carpooling service, accessible online and by mobile phone, you can share your costs and your journeys.

MAIF quality guaranteed, simple procedures, time saved... Think about entrusting a MAIF repair partner with your repairs.

Insured by MAIF, you have to report a claim for accidental damage by filling this copy of the European accident notification.


Our Nautis policy contract insures your motor or sail boat together with the passengers and goods on board.

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