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Today, in France, we offer, in French and Chinese :

  • Housing Insurance
  • Emergency Home Repairs Service
    • Finding it challenging to settle into a new country due to language and cultural barrier ? 
    • Moved abroad and left your support network behind ?
    • You are put off by the complexity of administrative procedures ?
    We are here to make your life abroad easier with our unique range of multilingual best-in-class housing related services & insurances.

    Our value proposition

    100% multilingual

    French and Chinese today... and soon other languages. A multilingual website, team and contracts. We do everything to eliminate language barriers, but also cultural misunderstandings.

    100% at your side

    Our team supports you, step by step, when you need it most, with any questions related to insurance or services offered on our platform.

    Security and trust

    Hi Europa is a 100% secure platform. Our solution meets all security obligations and your personal information is protected.


    We offer a simple, interactive, web-based and paperless process with explanations throughout the subscription journey, as well as an instant quote and personalization.

    Stay Tuned In


    Other services will come soon, to facilitate renting, moving and protecting your home.

    Areas of Expertise

    Other areas of expertise will be explored shortly, such as mobility, security, health or family.


    Other international communities will benefit our services soon, along with a geographical footprint expansion in other main European countries.

    Customer Support
    Chun HURSON
    Yan PENG
    Liu CHANG

    Any questions ?

    Get in touch, we're happy to help in French, Chinese and English languages

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    (premium rate number)

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