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Savings / Finance

Savings / Finance

A proactive insurer, our role is to be at your side, ready to assist you with your life projects. It is our job to find solutions to help you plan a trip to faraway places, finance your children's education, maintain your lifestyle after retirement, provide for your heirs or simply save up for a rainy day.

Assurance vie Responsable et Solidaire : A choice of socially responsible savings

Accessible and flexible enough to change to suit your future plans, our multi-support life insurance contract(1) enables you to access responsible, solidarity-based financial products.

  • An accessible policy : €30 minimum payment
  • Arrangements to suit your lifestyle and future plans
  • A more responsible choice of savings with the selection of three responsible and solidarity-based unit-linked account :

MAIF Investissement Responsable Europe


Logo Finansol


The Finansol label has been awarded to the Insertion Emplois Dynamique subfund by an independent committee. It guarantees subfund subscribers that their money is being used to fund activities that result in social benefits. It is proof positive of MAIF’s commitment to offering its policyholders reliable, regular and clear information on the use of amount invested.

Further information on www.finansol.org

Attractive tax breaks

With our Assurance vie Responsable et Solidaire policy, your savings give you a higher return by assuming a certain level of risk on unit-linked policies.


1-Multi-support policy: policy offering more than one investment product, in Euro and/or in units of account (shares/bonds/real estate etc.). Policyholders split their savings according to their objectives, their length of investment and their risk acceptance.
For unit-linked policies, the financial risk is borne by the policyholder.
The Multi-support Assurance vie Responsable et Solidaire policy is designed and managed by Parnasse-MAIF, MAIF’s life insurance subsidiary.

Perp MAIF : policy a " 100 % retirement " solution

The Perp MAIF contract enables you to supplement your income on a regular basis for life

  • An accessible policy €30 minimum payment
  • A unit-linked account : an SRI fund, MAIF Retraite Croissance Durable
  • 4 ways of managing the policy, depending on your objectives and the level of security sought
  • Part of the sums saved are tax deductible


Retirement is a time of life that has to be planned over a number of years. There is no perfect recipe, what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. Family situation and career path, existing savings, real estate assets, these are all factors to take into consideration in order to make the right choice. The Perp MAIF policy is a flexible solution which we would advise you to combine with other savings products, such as a Nouveau Cap or Assurance vie Responsable et Solidaire policy.

The Perp MAIF group life insurance contract, is underwritten by Gerp Futurs Solidaires for Parnasse-MAIF, a MAIF subsidiary, an insurance company governed by the French Insurance Code.

Perp MAIF : policy a " 100 % retirement " solution

At MAIF, we know that buying a vehicle is a major investment. Our loan solutions can be adapted to meet your needs and help you take that first step

Because you always need to be able to count on your vehicle, MAIF helps you to finance safety repairs.

Finance solutions for the conversion of vehicles to meet the needs of the disabled, whether drivers or passengers

If you don’t have money put aside, a moving-in loan enables you to finance all your moving-in and setting up home expenses in one go.

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Taking out a loan is a binding commitment and all loans must be repaid. Please ensure that you are able to make the repayments before taking out a loan.
Lender: Socram Banque.


Looking for a home loan ?

Purchasing a home is a major life event. It is highly demanding, both on a personal and financial level. Finding the best finance solution, the one which suits you best, is not an easy thing. That’s why MAIF has decided to act as a mortgage broker to help you find a high-performance local finance solution.
How does it work?:
All incomes (borrowers + co-borrowers if applicable) must be declared in France

Loan restructuring

Are you facing serious budgeting issues following accident, death or separation? Has your income dropped significantly? Is it absolutely vital that you reduce your monthly loan repayments in order to continue to meet your day-to-day expenses? MAIF brings you its Loan restructuring service, enabling you to combine all your debts into one single loan.

  • Borrowers must be homeowners domiciled in Metropolitan France.
  • All incomes (borrowers + co-borrowers if applicable) must be declared in France.
  • Loans to be paid off must have been taken out with lenders based in France, under contracts governed by French law (no foreign loans paid off)

No payment of any kind may be requested from any individual prior to obtaining one or more cash loans.
A loan is a binding commitment and must be repaid. Please ensure that you are able to make the repayments before taking out a loan.

Assurance Emprunteur MAIF

Just like lending rates, the cost of Assurance Emprunteur MAIF varies from institution to institution. Costs may triple depending on the policy, the age of the borrower and the duration of the loan, even though the cover is the same. Are you a homeowner? Are you going to become a homeowner ? When taking out loan insurance, compare policies. Assurance Emprunteur MAIF enables you to cover your property plans at very favourable market rates and make significant savings on your overall budget.

Assurance Emprunteur MAIF can also be obtained from MGEN by MGEN mutual society members. Assurance Emprunteur MAIF (death, total and permanent disability and temporary and permanent incapacity for work) has been underwritten by the Association solidarité autonomie et prévoyance (Asap) for Parnasse-MAIF, MAIF,s life insurance subsidiary. The group Unemployment Insurance policy has been underwritten by Asap for the Mutuelle nationale des constructeurs et accédants à la propriété – Assurance caution et chômage (MNCAP-AC), a mutual society subject to the provisions of volume II of the French Mutual Code, listed in the National Register of Mutual Societies as No. 442 839 452 41 avenue de Villiers - 75017 Paris. These policies are managed by Securimut, an insurance broker listed in the ORIAS Register as No. 07 005 662 (www.orias.fr).

Passbook savings: For short-term savings with a guaranteed rate of interest, MAIF offers a range of passbook savings accounts

Traditionally, short-term savings have been based on “regulated” passbook accounts. Now you can choose from livret Epargne autrement”,livret A”, “livret jeune autrement”, “livret de développement durable autrement” according to your situation. But, because saving is all about commitment, MAIF also brings you the “livret Epargne autrement” to transform responsible saving into an act of solidarity (save and at the same time support the education of visually impaired children with the “Les Doigts Qui Rêvent” association and the "Cap'jeune/Handi'chiens" association).


MAIF, Filia-MAIF, Parnasse-MAIF and MAIF Solutions financières act as banking intermediaries for, and on the exclusive behalf of, Socram Banque.


This service is brought to you by Crédit Immobilier Direct A Banking Intermediary - SAS [simplified limited company] with capital of €8,000 MAIF subsidiary - RCS Niort 445 091 416 - 61 avenue de la Gare - 79 000 Niort.

Socram Banque – limited company with a capital of € 70 000 000 € - RCS Niort 682014865 2 rue du 24 Février - CS90000 - 79092 Niort cedex 9. Insurance agent – ORIAS No.: 08044968 (www.orias.fr).